• What form of Payment do we accept?

Answer – We Accept Cash, Debit and Credit cards as a means of payment, but will not accept Cheques. If you require to pay via credit or debit card, the following cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, V pay, Maestro. Card payments can also be made over the phone!

  • If we service your vehicle will it invalidate your warranty?

Answer – No it won’t Invalidate it, the European Block Exemption Regulation rules mean manufacturers can’t invalidate your guarantee for not using a franchised dealer – as long as the garage follows the maker’s service schedule and uses original equipment parts, which we do. I understand the dealers may tell you different (selling tactics)


  • What is our background/Experience?

Answer – We have over 30 years experience in the trade, we started our business in 1986 in Murton, called Murton Motors, the land and garage got sold for housing in 2005 and acquired new premises in Seaham (where we are now), we couldn’t keep the Murton Motors name because we weren’t in Murton anymore, hence the current name nowadays.


  • What is the difference between Computerised and Laser wheel alignment?

Answer – Long story short Computerised Wheel alignment is more accurate than laser wheel alignment as it is measured by computer rather than the Mechanic, Thus eliminating human error.


  • How much in advance can i get my MOT done before it expires?

Answer – You can get your MOT done 28 days before your current MOT date expires and you will keep the current expiry date but obviously a year later, For example; Your MOT runs out on 28th May, The earliest you can get it done is 1st May.