At AT Motors we use the best equipment  which allows us to diagnose and rectify problems with minimum delay. Systems covered

Engine Management; Automatic Transmission; ABS; Airbag; Air conditioning; SRS; Functional Tests; ECU Identification; Hydroactive Suspension; Oil Light Reset; Inspection Light reset; Instrument Panel; Comfort Systems

With this equipment we can read your car’s fault diagnosis codes and hence quickly pinpoint problem and fix them. We offer a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic service to most makes of vehicle. We can diagnose faults in even the newest models without you having the expense of using the Dealership Network

MODIS  Provides fast and accurate information at all stages of diagnosis, Its 4 Tools in one.

1.  Scanner
The  Snap-on scanner provides on board Diagnostic capabilities. No other tool gives this much power . The scanner displays live or saved data from previously recorded road tests .

2. Lab and Ignition Scope
The powerful 4 channel automotive lab and ignition scope helps reduce the time required to diagnose intermittent problems by displaying up to 4 individual component signatures simultaneously


3. Component test meter (CTM)
The CTM give us the ability to quickly configure and test key components, This saves time and money with unnecessary component changes

graph4. Dual Graphing Meter
This can activley graph 2 channel
s in the multimeter mode, display intermittent faults like no other multi meter can, Capturing drop-outs and glitches as quick as 300 microseconds.

The Graph Display shows us vital information for accurate diagnosis



modusDiagnostic Solutions

All the answers to fix it right the first time. In one tool